You had me at "customizable."

Incident Management

Accident Tracking, Reporting, and Prevention Software

webEHS’s Incident Management software provides a detailed data collection interface for information on incidents, exhaustive reporting, and predictive analytics to help prevent injuries.

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Incident Management Software Features

  • Customize the system to your needs at no extra cost. 
  • Generate regulatory reporting logs to make OSHA compliance easy.
  • Automate and customize notifications on any incident type.
  • Root cause and risk analysis tools to help identify causes and work towards meaningful resolutions.
  • Corrective and preventive action tracking as well as personalized tasks provide accountability and visibility incident investigation.
  • Reporting and analysis tools allowing you to easily track progress toward your safety goals.
  • Stellar customer service at every phase of integration and year after year. 


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Take charge of your incidents, near misses, corrective action tracking with a customizable interface and reporting functions. 

Let webEHS create the most effective dashboard for you and your team.

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